I am ‘gob-smacked’ (Brit for ‘Amazed’) after reading dozens of testimonials of people who have completely given up wheat and grains. These are people who are not pushing any product or book.

A fire was lit when a journalist ripped the wheat-free diet and literally hundreds of people responded with comments asserting life-changing benefits reaped from going wheat-free.

It definitely encourages me to stick with my own wheat-free journey. I’m one week in, and already my appetite for food has decreased. Wheat in our frankenfood society, acts like opium in the brain making us addicted and actually increasing appetite not only for wheat but food in general. No wonder people lose weight when they eliminate it from their diet.

But judging by the mountain of positive testimonials weight loss is not the most trumped benefit; people are claiming their blood sugars are at or near normal without meds; asthma has stopped; psoriasis; no more seasonal allergies; acid reflux gone; no more migraines; more mental acuity; less unexplained exhaustion; better sleep; more energy; increased strength and endurance. The list goes on and on. Some of these benefits could be yours. Consult a doctor about quitting medication of course. But once they see your improved lab work …

Maybe not everyone gets the same results but the consensus seems to be that going wheat-free maybe just what the doctor should have ordered. I’m going to try it for 30 days.

Anyway, here is the link with the negative article slamming the wheat-free way followed by hundreds of positive testimonials extolling the wheat-free way.

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