Sleepless in Ontario

Sleepless in Ontario

So, I am diagnosed with sleep apnea which means I stop breathing multiple times per hour. You can imagine this would not be good for either the heart or the brain … or even one’s sanity.

 I have a CPAP machine which keeps my airway open through forced air. 

I don’t use it. 

That’s because I also happen to have a phobia about inhaling a foreign body with that forced air. It’s a fear that does have some basis though. I once developed a serious case of pneumonia because I inhaled a contaminated fluff of all things. Ever since, I have had a silly fear of my CPAP machine.

Consequently, because I don’t use my CPAP I can’t sleep more than a few hours without waking up with an oxygen-deprived brain headache.

That is … until recently. Lately I have been sleeping 8 – 10 hours without the waking headache and my girls report that they haven’t heard me snoring. 

What’s going on? Am I healed by miracle or improved lifestyle? I don’t know if I am healed … or by what cause. But it is interesting … and AWESOME!

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