I began at 295lbs. At a height of 5 foot 6 inches that's a hefty weight. When I learned I was pre-diabetic I started hitting the gym and trying to watch my calories. I lost a little. At 270 I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. I experimented with different eating approaches until finally, I decided to go completely low-carb in defiance of the ADA guidelines. I plateaued for a while on a low-carb diet in the 240s going up a little, down a little until beginning IF (intermittent fasting). I still hadn't found the key to unlocking successful weight loss yet. So I tried various eating approaches again combining with IF. Then I plateaued in the 230s until I realised I was eating too much protein and not enough fat. And that's when I learned about ketogenic eating. I stopped IF because I thought keto was enough. My weight went down to the 220s for a while and then up to the 230s until I understood I needed to re-incorporate IF. I kept in the 220s for a long time with the help of fasting. But I dropped down to the low 200s when I finally discovered the elusive KEY. Learn about the various diets I've tried and how I ended up on keto garnering amazing health benefits and then having my eureka moment as the KEY was revealed to me.