Follow Me As I Juice For Weight Loss and Healing

The machine? My juicer. The mission? To lose 110 lbs, baby.

To that end, I have been researching about juicing and I became very intrigued. Drinking only the juice of vegetables and fruit gives your digestive system a rest and allows toxins held within your cells to be released. It also cleanses your colon, helping to break loose the build-up of years of sludge that sticks to the walls of your colon causing myriad ailments.

The main benefit of juicing that excites me the most though, is the weight-loss that comes with it. Many people have lost between thirty and one hundred pounds of fat on a thirty or forty day juice fast. Now, don’t let the word ‘fast’ scare you. The nutrients in juiced fruit and vegetables enter your bloodstream quickly because time isn’t spent digesting. So, on a juice fast you often feel more energized.

The testimonials I’ve read are inspiring. Some even state that they have been healed of cancer after an extended juice fast. I know … some will say ‘many of the testimonies you read in diets are really just advertisements for products and are bogus’ and I understand that. The juicing proponents might just be trying to sell juice-extractors (juicers) and, frankly, they do recommend particular brands of juicers. But … I’m going to give it a try. I already have a juicer which has sat unused on a shelf for two years. It still works .. I tested it just before I wrote this.

I will embark on a juice fast beginning tomorrow, February 20. I will detail my experiences including what I juice, symptoms, bowel movements (how thrilling for you … I know … yuck!) and how much weight I lose. My exercise will be recorded while I do this fast, also.

My goal,ultimately,whether by juicing or not, is to lose 110 lbs. Yes, I am that over-weight. I am quite muscular, though, so some say I carry it well. But I don’t feel well.

I have a host of health issues that are potentially life-threatening: Obstructive sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes, asthma, and painful muscle cramps (not life-threatening but debilitating). I don’t want to leave my children fatherless so these health issues have to go.

Please pray for me and follow my progress in real time under ‘pages’ in the sidebar.