I’ve been watching infomercials about the NutriBullet, the next generation of the MagicBullet, the convenient high-powered mini blender.

But, the NutriBullet promises to do much more than finely blend fruits and veggies. The NutriBullet promises to provide much more bang from nutrient absorption and save you money at the same time. How does it do this? It pulverizes even the thick pulpy mess left behind after juicing, so that all the ingredients thrown into the NutriBullet are drinkable. The entire mix passes through a strainer leaving nothing behind. It’s amazing to watch in the video.

I juiced for a while, and all that mush left behind drove me nuts. What goodness was being wasted, I wondered. Plus, without the bulk to fill you, you needed to make extra juice, which is an added cost. I own the MagicBullet, and while convenient, it couldn’t pulverize as thoroughly as this machine promises, and seems to demonstrate in the video.

Out of curiosity, I went to Youtube to see if there was any video feedback from recent customers. I found a number of videos posted by ordinary people not affiliated with the NutriBullet(unprofessional lighting and delivery proves this) proclaiming that the machine did exactly as promised.

So, today I purchased my own. I am quite health conscious, as a casual perusal of my posts on this site will bear out. Drinking the whole fruit or vegetable just has to be more beneficial to your health– more nutrients being absorbed more quickly, and it’s more cost-effective with less items required.

Anyone interested in this product can return and see if my experience lines up with the manufacturer’s claims. I am not getting a commission.

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