Newcastle Diet Update

I’m blogging today to keep you posted about my progress on the New Castle Diet. That’s the diet that Dr Roy Taylor of Newcastle, England asserts can reverse type 2 diabetes. You have to eat 800 calories a day on a low-carb diet for 8 weeks. There are many testimonials of ordinary people not pushing a product or book claiming to have done just that.

This is Day 6 of my diet. I have lost 10 lbs. If I don’t plateau for a long period I may lose a significant amount of weight by 8 weeks end. My blood sugars are starting to get much closer to the normal range without meds or insulin.

I am excited but also worry that I will cheat. Sometimes it is easy to eat only 800 calories and sometimes it isn’t. Temptation often surrounds me with my kids and their eating choices. It’s a good test to improve my self-discipline. But it would be nice if my kids would cut me a little slack and eat in their bedrooms or take their ‘take-out’ outside.

Interestingly, this program meshes quite well with Intermittent Fasting. It’s quite easy to stick to 800 calories if I only eat in a short window of 5 to 8 hours. If I fast from 7PM I can eat in windows of 11-7, 12-7, 1-7, or 2-7. That’s even better for my blood sugars. I’ve discovered in the past that IF works well with blood sugar control — when I’ve stayed on it. Life would intrude (because I would let it of course) and I would go back to a normal eating schedule. But now these 2 programs: the Newcastle Diet, and Intermittent Fasting work together as a tag team. It’s working for me at the moment anyway. I will keep you posted.