Almost Vegan?

dietbattleI am not a poster boy for Veganism. It might seem like I am pushing it because of my recent videos about going Vegan. But I’m not. I think we could be better off if we eat less meat. The Okinawans eat less and live longer. As do the Seventh Day Adventists. Also, eating less meat can save you money. My grocery bill is definitely smaller now that I eat less meat.

Eating no meat seems to work for a lot of people with one critical caveat: they absolutely must eat enough Omega 3 fats and get enough Vitamin B-12 or they may suffer heart and brain problems. Unfortunately, that often means supplementation for strict Vegans. If Vegans want to maximize health benefits then avoidance of fatty, sugary, processed foods is paramount.

Of course, Vegans are not motivated purely by health considerations are they? The environment and animals are forefront in their minds. I want to be clear. The focus of this blog is categorically and unequivocally not about environmental or animal activism. My focus is strictly on health and wellness — physically, mentally, maybe emotionally. I care about the environment. Hiking among trees and rivers is my favorite activity. And I love animals. I still smile and say, ‘Bunny!’ when a rabbit crosses a lawn. And, dolphins? OMG, I LOVE dolphins.

I am more motivated by the health and fitness of the human body than the celestial body known as Earth. And on this blog I will share any and all eating approaches that work even if they don’t work for everyone. However, when you really look at the ones that do work you will notice they fall into two categories: Low carb/High fat and High fat/Low Carb. Genetics seems to be the biggest determining factor in which one will work for you. High fat/High carb works for nobody. That really is a formula for ill health and possibly pre-mature death.

In my own experience, Low fat/High carb seems to work better for me. I am not strictly vegan or vegetarian but I do eat much less meat than I used to. However, I refuse to be put in bondage to any eating discipline. If my family or friends invite me to Wings night. Guess, what, I am going to eat a few chicken wings. If I am unexpectedly offered food at someone’s house that doesn’t fit into my regimen, I am going to indulge in their hospitality. I have a deadly allergy to mango, so I have to inquire about ingredients. But, I won’t hinder my ability to function with others in society because I am a zealot about food choice. But that’s just me. I understand people have strong convictions and I don’t wish to offend. I just want to be clear.

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