High Intensity Interval Training

I should mention that along side my Intermittent Fasting or Fast-5eat stop eat‘ regimen I work out according to the P.A.C.E. training philosophy. This is a system of exercise that teaches that twenty minutes of training with short bursts of high intensity will garner as much or more results as one hour of moderate intensity cardio. Some may also know the correlating acronym H.I.I.T which stands for High Intensity Interval Training.

The P.A.C.E or Progressive Accelerated Cardio-Pulmonary Exercise concept sets forth the idea that the heart and lungs will adapt to whatever challenge you give them. If you work out moderately for extended periods of time they will adapt to the intensity and literally shrink their capacities. Conversely, if you challenge the heart and lungs with a short burst of much higher intensity then rest and repeat to a maximum of twenty minutes over mere weeks the heart and lungs will increase their capacities to adapt to the more severe demand. But not only that, fat is burned in the twenty-four to forty-eight hour interim between work-outs. Study after study has borne this theory out.

I thought it was worth a try and so far I’ve been surprised and impressed by the results. After only six weeks I feel stronger and fitter and I get a buzz from the work-outs. It’s awesome. You should consult a physician before embarking on any new fitness program, of course.