In this Diet Blog, I highlight which diets I have tried on my weight-loss journey.

There is too much content out there and sometimes it gets confusing what actually helps vs what doesn't. But you can see how I succeeded or failed on various diets you have heard of and thought of trying. Sometimes my failure is not necessarily a reflection of the merits of the diet but knowing why I failed might provide some insight that benefits you on your journey. 

The key here is to find a diet that is successful for weight-loss but one that you can sustain as a way of life keeping the weight off.

A diet may work for you that didn't work for me. You will see as you read about a diet that I was gung-ho at first, even successful at first but at some point, success diminished and I try to explain why in other posts. As my knowledge became complete as to what works better for me it doesn't necessarily the diet won't be absolutely what you need. One size doesn't fill all.