Keto Restaurant with only Low-carb and Keto Recipes

Can you imagine a restaurant that only serves low-carb or ketogenic options? That would be glorious for those on LCHF who do not wish to be tempted and want to enjoy dining out with friends and family and stick to their new eating lifestyle. Celebrating with no regret afterwards. Think about it — a guilt-free experience with no sugar or grain options in sight … or on site? That would be magical.

Low-Carb Recipes – the Best in the World

Crazy Cheap Keto Tip

This is a fantastic Keto tip.  I love this tip. Noobies to this WOE (way of eating) have anxiety about getting enough healthy fat but it’s really not that hard. You can add butter to meals. You can leave some fat on cuts of meat. You might learn to love avocado which also has the added benefit of being quite high in potassium. You can cook with coconut oil (tolerates very high heat without denaturing). Use olive oil in your dressings (some fry with it but olive oil is known to break down at high heat).  You can eat cheese to get your fat but be careful of that addicting casein protein–it’s an opioid. And forget what the Bread board says, eggs are your friend. But my favorite is this — because it’s so quick and easy — 1 can or tin of coconut milk a day. It has most of your daily fat need for the Keto WOE. Also, it’s bloody cheap.