Ketogenic Rat

Sometimes a picture says it all. Two rats were fed the same calories. The rat  pictured on the left was fed the standard low fat/ high carb Western diet and the rat pictured on the right was fed a high fat/low carb ketogenic diet. Notice the visceral fat covering the somewhat sickly-looking organs of the WD rat, and the lack of fat around pristine organs in the KD rat? See how awesome the liver of the Ketogenic Diet rat looks compared to the Western Diet rat. Eating keto and switching the body to fat burning cleans out the fat in a fatty liver … and in other organs. The process is made even quicker if you combine intermittent fasting. Read my posts on IF for more information.

Crazy Cheap Keto Tip

This is a fantastic Keto tip.  I love this tip. Noobies to this WOE (way of eating) have anxiety about getting enough healthy fat but it’s really not that hard. You can add butter to meals. You can leave some fat on cuts of meat. You might learn to love avocado which also has the added benefit of being quite high in potassium. You can cook with coconut oil (tolerates very high heat without denaturing). Use olive oil in your dressings (some fry with it but olive oil is known to break down at high heat).  You can eat cheese to get your fat but be careful of that addicting casein protein–it’s an opioid. And forget what the Bread board says, eggs are your friend. But my favorite is this — because it’s so quick and easy — 1 can or tin of coconut milk a day. It has most of your daily fat need for the Keto WOE. Also, it’s bloody cheap.

Halle Berry Rocks The Keto Way

Halle Berry is beautiful AND smart. Okay, that sounds wrong. But she is beautiful. And she is smart. Apparently, the actress has adopted the ketogenic way of eating which involves starving the body of sugar and simple carbs and starches and training the body to prefer fat as fuel.

Halle Berry Says Trick To Looking Flawless At 50 Is “No Sugar, No Carbs”

Thinkinthin is Back.

I’m back! I apologize to all my readers/visitors who haven’t been able to reach this site for months. Technical issues cast my down in to oblivion. I was a webless wonder. That’s 2 ‘W’s instead of the requisite 3.  Everything’s better now.

I will start off by reporting that I’m down to 217 lbs.


Low Carb/High Fat/Moderate Protein plus Intermittent Fasting (I eat all my calories in an 8 hour window) — but I do enjoy a triple cream coffee (NO sugar) 2 or 3 times while fasting. Works for me! 45 lbs to go. I began at 285. I plateaued for a while in the 240s going up a little, down a little until I realized I was eating too much protein and not enough fat. I’ve been losing steadily ever since.

I suppose this eating protocol could be called Keto or ketogenic. Fancy words for ketone-forming fat-burning. When your brain has no glucose for energy the body creates ketones instead. That only happens through carbohydrate starvation. Keto-people talk about Macros. “Um .. what are your macros, man?” Gotta be 70/25/5 or 75/20/5. That’s 70% of your calories from fat, 25% from protein, and 5% from carbs. That’s 20 grams of carbs per day. Sounds impossible but it is doable. Starting this way for a few weeks will train your body to prefer fat over glucose for energy. Then you can up your carb eating to maybe 80 grams a day.

I have progressed closer to 80 grams per day. I have more energy. I am hungry less often. I have lost weight.

I have lost more weight by adding Intermittent Fasting. I stop eating at 9 pm or 10 pm and I don’t eat again until 2 pm the next day. That fasting period rests my digestive system, promotes cell-repair, and makes me less drowsy during my work day. Sounds nuts but it’s absolutely true. Now, it’s not a pure fast–I actually get to enjoy 2 or even 3 triple cream (no sugar) coffees while fasting. I LOVE it!

I am a type 2 diabetic and I manage my diabetes without meds–no metformin and no insulin. If I use meds fasting is dangerous because my blood sugar would crash too low. Comas No Más.  Around 1:30 pm before my 2 O’clock meal my BG has dropped to 70 or 4 depending on which half of N. America you live in. I’m from Canada so I would say 4. Sometimes it is in the low 5s. This is very encouraging to me so I am going to stay with this plan for a while.

I will keep you all posted.

Chris Powell Doesn’t Get It


Here’s something annoying about one of my favorite reality tv shows that I noticed upon watching the premiere of Season 5 of Extreme Weight Loss:
Chris Powell doesn’t understand Keto.

Keto is short for ketosis, a process where your body stops burning carbohydrates as fuel and switches to the burning of ketones, a by-product of fat-burning. This will occur when you bring your carbohydrate levels to around 50 grams per day or lower.

Many keto activists teach that number should be 30 grams of carbohydrates and advise 20 grams per day to kickstart you into ketosis over a number of weeks–you’d be surprised how many greens and low-glycemic vegetables can add up to 20 grams. However, most individuals can still maintain ketosis while consuming 50 grams which allows for a much greater increase in the consumption of vegetables and more leeway with flavorings that may contain extra grams of carbohydrates. Abel James, of and of the new hit show: My Diet Is Better Than Yours, believes you can eventually jump to 80 grams of carbs per day as long as your fat consumption remains high.

I really like Chris Powell, the host and trainer, of Extreme Weight Loss. This is the show that chronicles the weight loss journeys of extremely obese clients over the course of a year. They typically need to lose 150 – 200 pounds. Chris has changed the lives of so many clients on the show who do indeed lose the weight by the end of one year.

Episode 1 of Season 5 featured identical twins. 50 days in one of the twins developed a serious case of plantar fasciitis and needed to be sedentary for 2 weeks so Chris decided it was a perfect time to conduct an experiment pitting a High Carb diet against a Low Carb diet.

Chris Powell, who usually uses carb cycling as his diet choice (which may indicate a bias going into this experiment) this time started with one twin on a high carb low fat diet and the other twin on a ketogenic low carb diet. The ketogenic twin was also severely limited in exercise due to the plantar fasciitis.

But get this.
The diet trial was for two weeks only! The ketogenic twin complained throughout of loss of energy and not being able to exercise both due to diet and the injury.
But, at the two week weigh-in the ketogenic twin with the lack of exercise lost 14 pounds to his twin’s 13 pounds.

And what did Chris conclude? That low carb diets work for sedentary people but not for weight loss plans that include exercise. What Chris failed to understand is that the twin on Keto wasn’t adapted to fat-burning yet and that is the reason he felt low on energy. His body–like a bratty child–refused to consume the fat and wanted glucose from carbs. The sugar dependent body doesn’t burn fat easily and thinks it’s starving if you deprive it of simple carbs. That’s it in a nutshell.

Chris Powell’s experiment was woefully inadequate as the period of 2 weeks wasn’t enough to allow him to discover 6 much-touted benefits of Ketosis. These benefits are as follows:

1. There is greater long term weight loss when eating a ketogenic diet;

2. The weight lost stays off when eating low carb for life;

3. Ketogenic diets are the only way of reversing insulin resistance;

4. Following the adaption period energy returns with greater weight loss and muscle retention than high carb diets;

5. Metabolism doesn’t drop when losing weight low-carb as it does on a high-carb low fat diet.

6. Ketogenic diet is used to control seizures in epileptic patients.

In conclusion it may take more than two weeks to become adapted to the ketogenic lifestyle. A couple of months or more for some depending on how long and how aggressively the former diet relied on simple carbs. Even the brain can switch to burning ketones, the by-product of fat burning, and actually perform better than on glucose. Athletes who make the switch praise the boost ketosis gives to their performance without the need for carb loading.

But even though the low carbing twin wasn’t actually fat-burning adapted he still lost more weight with next to nil exercise. If he had been adapted, he wouldn’t have suffered low energy–his energy would have increased–as thousands of ketogenically-adapted people can attest.

Chris Powell may have tried to do his level best to prop-up low fat dogma because he doesn’t fully understand the ketogenic diet but he unwittingly gave many a reason to conduct some further research into this concept: ‘More Weight loss, but less exercise on Low Carb/Higher Fat!’

The show, and Chris Powell, are still inspirations, and I will continue to enjoy watching the journeys of men and women changing their dire health outcomes. But it was disappointing.