Blood Sugar Flush And Burn

Blood Sugar Flush And Burn

I have a great tip for all you diabetics and pre-diabetics out there for when your blood sugar is dangerously high. Well, anything above 7 or 126(depending on your meter)isn’t good if you haven’t eaten for a few hours. But, if it’s above 15 or 270 that’s damaging to your body and if above 22 or 300 you should be in Emerge. In the absence of meds or medical help there’s a quick 2 step process for bringing your sugar levels down.

It’s so simple.

Step 1: Flush your blood sugars from your blood stream. Drink 2 eight ounce glasses of water. Wait ten minutes then drink a third. Go the bathroom.

Step 2: Burn off the blood sugar. Do some medium to high intensity exercise for ten minutes. Jog on the spot, do jumping jacks or play a game of one on one basketball … whatever you like … but get a good sweat on.

This really works! I’ve used it myself. It’s also a good practice for those with high blood sugars when they wake up in the morning. If you flush and burn before going to bed your blood sugars can be in a normal range when you get up.

Even the burn step alone will significantly bring your sugars down. Now, if you do this when taking meds make sure you test your blood to be certain you don’t crash too low.