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Follow my personal blog to see daily/weekly / monthly status. My current diet is keto. Keto is short for ketogenic. It means that I have become a fat burner rather than a carb burner. When fat is burned ketones are the byproduct. Ketones are a more efficient fuel than glucose. The brain will burn ketones more efficiently than glucose also. In keto, we severely restrict carbs, eating healthy fats instead along with moderate protein. The ratio of calories eaten is 70% fat/20% protein/5% carbohydrates. These ratios are called macros. None of the carbs are from sugar, starch, grains, or processed foods. I have been on pure keto for 75 days. I have been on a sort of lazy keto for 2 years which means I didn't follow the macros and often ate too much protein. If you want to read more about my experience with keto or other diets or look at the science dig into my various posts under diets.

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scale 205lbs
diet Keto Diet