A Life-Changing Dietary Detour

Any of those closely following my journey to lose over 100 pounds will notice that I have not posted anything on my juice fast progress page in a number of weeks. There are a couple of reasons for this.

The first is that I came to the realization that I was always going to be defeated while juicing as long as I couldn’t eat protein (I am quite muscular with large muscles). Some people crave sweets on diets; I never do — it’s always steak, burgers or chicken I drool after. Dessert for me at a restaurant would be another course of meat. Maybe I’m just spineless and I need to soldier through it. Instead, I decided to do some research.

This leads me to the second reason for my hiatus from cramming vegetables and fruit into my juicing machine. I stumbled upon a website about a man, Lee Shurie, who defeated his own type 2 diabetes with a very novel approach to eating.

He theorized that if his blood sugar was up in the morning, that he should wait until it drops into the normal range before he has a meal. This makes sense when you think about it. Our bodies digest food and convert it to blood sugar for a ready energy supply to be stored by insulin in our cells. If you have a supply there already in the form of high blood sugar, it seems redundant to then eat again.

So, he didn’t. Sometimes his blood sugar didn’t drop to normal till 6 PM at night. He wasn’t taking medication or insulin and if you do you should consult a doctor before adopting his method. As he continued to do this, some amazing health benefits began to accrue to him. If you are interested in reading more jump to my Dietary Detour page.