Keto Restaurant with only Low-carb and Keto Recipes

Can you imagine a restaurant that only serves low-carb or ketogenic options? That would be glorious for those on LCHF who do not wish to be tempted and want to enjoy dining out with friends and family and stick to their new eating lifestyle. Celebrating with no regret afterwards. Think about it — a guilt-free experience with no sugar or grain options in sight … or on site? That would be magical.

Low-Carb Recipes – the Best in the World

Ketogenic Rat

Sometimes a picture says it all. Two rats were fed the same calories. The rat  pictured on the left was fed the standard low fat/ high carb Western diet and the rat pictured on the right was fed a high fat/low carb ketogenic diet. Notice the visceral fat covering the somewhat sickly-looking organs of the WD rat, and the lack of fat around pristine organs in the KD rat? See how awesome the liver of the Ketogenic Diet rat looks compared to the Western Diet rat. Eating keto and switching the body to fat burning cleans out the fat in a fatty liver … and in other organs. The process is made even quicker if you combine intermittent fasting. Read my posts on IF for more information.

Body Fat Eyeball Test

The ways of measuring fat percentage are not always exact. So many variables can skew the results. Even the gold standard — DEXA — can give inaccurate readings with two DEXA machines from the same company giving different numbers. But if there’s one fairly reliable way of judging your fat percentage by stages during your weight loss journey, especially if your end goal is the Holy Grail of sexy fitness — 6 pack abs — it is the simple eyeball test. Comparison pics of various stages of fat loss in other pilgrims can be combined with the caliper, electronic devices, or tape measure. I actually just use the pics because I don’t want to waste my time with constant measuring. And here they are. Notice that the 6 pack appears roughly at 10% body fat in men and at about 14% in women.

Crazy Cheap Keto Tip

This is a fantastic Keto tip.  I love this tip. Noobies to this WOE (way of eating) have anxiety about getting enough healthy fat but it’s really not that hard. You can add butter to meals. You can leave some fat on cuts of meat. You might learn to love avocado which also has the added benefit of being quite high in potassium. You can cook with coconut oil (tolerates very high heat without denaturing). Use olive oil in your dressings (some fry with it but olive oil is known to break down at high heat).  You can eat cheese to get your fat but be careful of that addicting casein protein–it’s an opioid. And forget what the Bread board says, eggs are your friend. But my favorite is this — because it’s so quick and easy — 1 can or tin of coconut milk a day. It has most of your daily fat need for the Keto WOE. Also, it’s bloody cheap.

Halle Berry Rocks The Keto Way

Halle Berry is beautiful AND smart. Okay, that sounds wrong. But she is beautiful. And she is smart. Apparently, the actress has adopted the ketogenic way of eating which involves starving the body of sugar and simple carbs and starches and training the body to prefer fat as fuel.

Halle Berry Says Trick To Looking Flawless At 50 Is “No Sugar, No Carbs”

OMAD (One Meal A Day) The Basics


Before you dismiss this eating plan as completely moonbat crazy, watch this video. It is chock full of the science that just might persuade you to consider this approach to weight loss. The OMAD eating plan is not for the faint of heart but it is highly effective for binge eaters or emotional eaters who have a lot of weight to lose.  Many of my regular visitors will know that I practice Intermittent Fasting. When I IF I eat all my calories in a 4 to 8 hour window. OMAD has you eating your meal in one hour–a much shorter eating window. Type in OMAD on Youtube and you will see many videos of people who are successfully following this way of eating.  There is an imperative caveat to keep in mind regarding OMAD. It will eventually slow down your metabolism if do it every day for weeks. You should alternate OMAD with 2 meal days and the occasional 3 meal day. Or you could alternate it every other day. Slowing down the metabolism will absolutely stall your weight loss and it is prudent to mix it up when adopting regimens of OMAD or even 2 meal days with IF.