No longer Vegan

I have given up on the Starch Solution plant-based diet. I can’t stick with it because my blood sugars spike too much on starches. But my foray into Veganism did open my mind to the fact that we meat eaters shouldn’t be so dogmatic about our Way of Eating being the best and only Way. I have seen success stories where type 2 diabetics have reversed their conditions with a plant-based approach. Who knows why they succeeded where I didn’t. Maybe they stayed on insulin or metformin while adjusting to their new eating approach — I wouldn’t use meds. Or it could have been a genetic and ancestral disposition toward potatoes that slayed the giants in the land. I have no clue. But starch just doesn’t work for me so my beloved potatoes have been cast aside.

I tried the Raw Foods approach too, a few months ago. It has worked for others. And at first it worked for me — my blood sugars began to level out. But I finally realized that I would go nuts chomping like a bunny the rest of my life. I had to be realistic. I did learn something more than the fact that I am no Vegan or Vegetarian though. My experiments with veggie-focused diets have humbled me and broadened my perspective. They do work for many people providing they supplement with B12. And I promise I won’t mock and ridicule Vegans or Vegetarians any more. Now please leave me in peace as I joyfully lay waste to a plate of chicken drumsticks.

The Starch Solution Challenge

The Starch Solution Challenge: This commitment means adding any one of the following to your regular diet:

3 to 4 cups of steamed rice
3 to 4 cups of boiled corn
3 to 4 mashed potatoes
3 to 4 baked sweet potatoes
2 to 4 cups of cooked beans, peas, or lentils
3 to 4 cups of boiled spaghetti noodles
6 to 12 slices of fresh bread

You can mix and match any kind of whole grains, legumes, or starchy vegetables to make up these additional 600 to 900 calories daily. The effect of adding these appetite-satisfying, nutritious choices will be to displace fattening and sickening foods (meats, dairy products, and oils). Spontaneously, without any conscious thought, your intake of calories, fat, cholesterol, and chemical contaminants will diminish and fiber, vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrate will increase.

My comment:
Because I am type 2 diabetic I had to do this a little differently. Diabetics should consult their family doctor or other health care professional. If you eat a lot of fat while eating a lot of starch/carbs you could cause real trouble for your blood sugar management. I had to go almost completely off fats when I switched to starches but my experience has been wonderful.

My Starch Solution Experience

I have seen so so many testimonials of people on the Starch Solution. If the testimonials are to be believed, countless people have experienced weight loss and reversal of a host of medical conditions like type 2 diabetes, heart disease, IBS, allergies, skin problems, liver disease among others following the starch based diet. Their diets are based on potatoes, rice, beans with vegetables and fruit and whole grains. Most of the calories are from the starches. It’s odd eating this way as a type 2 diabetic but I am enjoying success. I can’t eat wheat so I don’t. And I still eat a little meat. But for the most part I have given up dairy and the huge amounts of animal protein and fat I used to eat. I eat about a third of the meat on some days. And I go without meat some days. I have more energy and feel better than I did eating the mostly meatarian way. And I’ve lost another 5 lbs since following this regimen off and on over the last month. I am now going to try following it more closely. I will keep y’all posted.

I do continue to incorporate the intermittent fasting component. After my last meal in the evening I don’t eat until the passage of 12 to 16 hours. My night’s sleep is included in that fast so it’s easy to stay with it. The benefits of a short fast begin at 12 hours. I am finding that the Starch Solution blends very well with IF. I don’t know why this is the case but it has been my experience so far.

The Starch Solution Lecture

My daughter who lives in Montreal, Quebec, told me about The Starch Solution Diet. I had never heard of it or the name of the doctor who popularized this eating approach. I have avoided starch like poison since I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes but because it was my beloved daughter I decided to look into Dr. John McDougall’s ideas and I downloaded the book.

The Starch Solution shook my paradigm. If you are one of those dead set against the eating of starch I beseech you to keep an open mind and get a hold of this book. Read it and then make a decision. I have posted a link below this so you can easily grab it. I have switched to this approach and have already reaped the benefits.